Conscious Celebrating

In our 14 years, we have focused our desire to bring you and the expanded bridal community something real, meaningful, intentional, and soulful, fostering a sense of modern reverence and refined grace into wedding celebrations.

Six years in ago in 2007, we began to weave a green initiative into A Soolip Wedding by inviting a small, select group of green, eco-friendly vendors to showcase their services. This collection was called "A Green Wedding". After that year, we realized that so many companies were striving to be more environmentally - friendly, but perhaps needed a push. Thus the following year in 2008, we challenged all of our partners to implement at least three green practices into their businesses, thereby inspiring our colleagues to take action, and be leaders in our event community. How proud we were to be able to communicate to our 500 guests that year what each of our 65 partners were doing to conduct business with consciousness and awareness for our earth. Each year thereafter, we continued, and still continue, to challenge ourselves, our partners and our guests to take action however we can to be resourceful, limit wastefulness, and choose wisely using sustainable methods and products.

In an effort to keeping ourselves on the cusp of humanity's mindset, we felt an unspoken longing of couples desiring a more meaningful and heartfelt wedding celebration. We identified that couples were becoming increasingly interested in keeping a focus on what the wedding celebration was all about - the relationship and the love, and not necessarily focused on having the most lavish affair for aesthetic-sake. Thus, in 2010, we set out to assist brides and grooms in helping weave personal and heart-felt elements into their wedding celebration, thereby inspiring the planning of a wedding from the "inside out". The Heart of a Wedding - Weddings from the Inside Out debuted at A Soolip Wedding in 2010, and we are currently working towards adapting this material to create an inspirational handbook for brides and grooms guiding couples to do just that - planning a wedding from the heart.

This year, our focus is to inspire everyone to get their hands working with dirt. Yes, really! In an effort to encourage couples to connect within their relationship and to our earth, we see the importance and relevance of what creating and tending a garden can hold. We are excited to bring you the Couple's Garden at A Soolip Wedding 2011.